Features and wishes, regarding the poke plugin:

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    Carsten on #27742

    Hello everyone. 🙂

    A few features and wishes, regarding the poke plugin:

    1. I would be great if it displayed the avatar with name, instead of just text link.
    2. Show who you already poked and who poked you. In a list/table, on the poke page!
    3. Be able to remove a poke, delete it or reject it.

    Because, it’s like the never ending story – you can actually poke to the end of time.
    Cause every time you poke back. It says, X send you a poke. Poke back.
    There is no way of removing the poke back or sending a thank you for the poke..etc.

    So if you don’t send a poke back. The notification will still be there – on your poke page. So it would be great again, if there were an option. To delete or marked it as read or even a thank you for the poke. But still be listed as, send a poke back, you have poked X or you have already poked X ones..etc.

    A way to see how many times you poke, how many members you have poked and how many times you poked this member, etc. Some way of keeping a track on the pokes given, received and maybe also a live notification. When a poke is received or send!

    About me:
    I have changed the poke into – send a smile and changed the poke icon into a heart. (I have a dating site)
    I don’t use the BuddyPress action buttons. I have icon buttons on the members profile picture.
    So if I visit someones profile, I’m not able to see, if I already poked this member or not.
    I have the latest poke version installed and BuddyPress 5.0+

    Note: On the poke page. I only see the pokes received. When I poked back. No history is shown on the poke page. Only the “nothing to be seen” notification. Refresh/renew and give the poke me plugin a face lift and people with dating sites. Would be grateful to BuddyDev. Combine Poke me plugin with the Buddypress compliments plugin and you will have a great plugin, with many options. 🙂

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards Carsten. 🙂

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