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    Mike (DesignServe) on #24910

    Hi Brajesh,

    To give you some feedback and an idea about Buddypress Moderation Tools.

    It is really excellent, I like how it works and the workflow it provides.

    Regarding the settings, they are quite time-consuming. I understand why because it gives more flexibility but this can be a big task for someone. To explain, I wanted slightly different messages from the default ones.

    For example, I wanted to moderate 7 different types. I want to change some settings in each one (change 5 to 3, change some checkboxes). There are 5 messages to change in each one (7×5=35 edits). Ok, so I have done that.

    If I have 9 sites in a multisite (some people might have many more), that is 35×9=315 message edits (plus the checkboxes).

    It would be very good to have a place to set defaults, before starting to edit them all. Perhaps it could be in the multisite dashboard. Or, Perhaps in the main settings area in each site or sub-site there could be a place to add default messages, numbers and checkboxes (and perhaps a checkbox to say “Use this default in all tabs”.

    I’ll leave the thought with you, it’s not very important but it could be an improvement.

    Further. Sometimes when my users post a Topic or Reply, they go into Pending. I don’t know why that happens, perhaps it is Akismet. Anyway, my point is that it would be very valuable if ‘Moderation’ included spam from the site and other things such as these ‘Pending’ Topics and Replies. I don’t know, perhaps that is not a connected subject and it is difficult to anticipate or implement.

    Best wishes,

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    Brajesh Singh on #24936

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it. These are valuable. I believe we do need global options for multisite. Also, providing an export/import for settings will help too.

    We will be looking at it in future.

    About the pending issue:- Most probably caught as spam. Catching spam is a complex topic and akismet does a great work at it. The moderation plugin does not do any intelligent processing of the content to decide status, It is assisted by users. That’s why it is not showing you the pending topics.


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