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    Giulia Francalancia on #42824

    Hi, I bought Buddy blog Pro and am using it in integration with Buddyboss Platform.
    Members when creating posts must enter an iframe of their podcasts that they create on other sites, like this:

    <iframe allow = “autoplay” width = “100%” height = “200” src = “https://www.iheart.com/podcast/867-bob-sagets-here-for-you-61327405/episode/final -episode-bob-sagets-here-for-91693847 /? embed = true “frameborder =” 0 “> </iframe>

    Others who read their post must be able to see the podcast preview and play it.

    What type of field should I use?
    I have tried the text area, rich text and oembed and they don’t see it.

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    (BuddyDev Team)
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    Brajesh Singh on #42837

    Thank you for purchasing from us.

    At the moment, we have escaped all field types and this may not work. Please allow us 2 days and I will add a html as well embed field(for iframe).

    Thank you

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