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    Bec Las on #23013

    Hello, I recently installed the force profile images plugin on my website. It’s a great app. The only issue I’m having is the once people sign up, I have a welcome page, which they are automatically directed to. Now they are directed to where they change their profile images. Ideally I need them to be directed to the welcome page and then the profile image page. Is there a way to do this?

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    Ravi on #23016

    Hello Bec Las,

    Thank you for posting. By force profile images are you talking about “BuddyPress Force Profile Photo”?. If yes, you can use the following code in your active theme “functions.php” file to skip redirection in case of welcome page

     * Do not redirect user on welcome page.
     * @param bool $skip should we skip or redirect.
     * @return bool
    function buddydev_skip_redirect_on_welcome_page( $skip ) {
    	// Page ID, title, slug can be used.
    	if ( is_page( 'welcome' ) ) {
    		$skip = true;
    	return $skip;
    add_filter( 'bp_force_profile_photo_skip', 'buddydev_skip_redirect_on_welcome_page' );


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