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    Thank you being a valuable member of BuddyDev.

    This lists some of the guidelines for our forums.

    Asking for support

    Where do I create a topic?

    It is highly appreciated if you create the topics in relevant forums. If you are a premium member, please use our premium forums. For non premium members, Please use the Community Forums.

    Which plugins do you support?

    We support all of our premium and free plugins. We also provide support for BuddyPress, bbPress as pro bono. For 3rd party plugins, we may provide support if we deem it fit. Otherwise, we will recommend asking to the relevant developers. We do encourage our community members to participate in the discussion and help each other.

    Do you provide custom solutions?

    Forum is not for custom job. If you need help with custom BuddyPress job or custom bbPress or WooCommerce or any kind of WordPress/Multisite solution, Please use our contact form/hire form to get in touch and hire us for specialized service.

    I need feature X in your plugins, Can I sponsor it?

    Sure. Please get in touch via our contact form, mention the plugin, needed feature and how many hours you are interested in sponsoring and we can discuss the details.

    Support Availability

    We provide guaranteed support on weekdays(Monday-Friday). We may provide support on the weekends(we do normally), but it is not guaranteed.

    Private Replies

    Please avoid using private replies for all your posts. Use private replies when sharing link/credentials or anything you want to protect.
    The private replies are not visible to other users facing similar issue. This makes our forum support useless for them. We request you to only use private replies when necessary.

    How to ask for support

    While asking for support, Please make sure that you provide the following details( or some of it which you think is relevant) :-

    1. Provide as much detail about the problem as you can.
    2. Are you using Multisite? Is it subdomain install? Is domain mapping enabled?
    3. Are you using BuddyPress?
    4. Is there anything specific about your BuddyPress Installation( Is the multi network or multiblog mode enabled?)

    5. Which version of WordPress/BuddyPress are you using?
    6. Which theme you are using? which version?

    7. Is it a fresh install or did you do an upgrade?
    8. When the problem started? did it happen after installing/upgrading plugin, theme or WordPress?
    9. If the 8th point is applicable, what type of change/update was done?

    10. If it is not too much, can you please provide the list of plugins?( We strongly recommend using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/sysinfo/ to get the info, It can save many steps from the above).

    Is there anything else you want to add?

    The more details you provide, It becomes more easy for us to provide prompt support.

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