Friendship Restrictions popup non-existant in profile page?

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    Karl Pomerleau on #49690


    We’re building a dating site with BuddyBoss Platform, and we’re using the Friendship Restrictions plugin as we intend to monetize certain features, including the daily number of friending requests.

    The restriction message pops up fine when you attempt to add someone in the Members section, but doesn’t seem to work/exist when you press Connect on someone’s profile page. I’ve also checked in the loaded HTML.

    Do I need to change something, or does the plugin not work on profile pages?

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    Brajesh Singh on #49698

    Hi Karl,
    Thank you for purchasing from us.

    Can you please provide us the details of BuddyBoss platform and themeversions?

    Also, when a user tries to connect/send request from profile, do the succeed or do they still get restricted(I understand that the message is not showing)?

    Thank you

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