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    bo on #13465

    I have been looking seeking for a way to implement front end criteria s of rating to post, as i had seen several plugins which offers ways of adding rating to a post and even lets users and visitors add their rating, but one thing i noticed lacking is a way to implement it front-end in post creation.
    Although it can be used back-end but that becomes a little issue if you wish not to give access to back-end access just to add the review.
    While on my web-page I was able to successfully implement fields and meta keys which assist to create forms for users to create post submissions but I got to a point of a stand – still in development of it ; where i could not find a way to implement right meta-keys field to create a form submission where a user can create pros , cons, fixed rating, affiliation button as those listed criteria each have the function to be listed and given a rating in few :
    as this is a screen shot of what am talking about:

    Thanks for reading my lengthy post, hope hear each of yous views.
    Thank You

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    Brajesh Singh on #13470

    Hi Bo,
    I believe you need repeatable text field for the pros/cons.
    The interface can be like some many task management tools where user can add multiple points.

    You can store each of the pro/cons as assay in WordPress custom field.

    Please do know that if your goal is to make some analytic use of it in future, you won’t be able to do that.

    Hope that helps.


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