Function for activity feed friend-only, blocked view of private group activity

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    Marilynn on #50506

    It appears the last update to the function was back in 2019 and the thread is closed, so starting one here.

    I am using the function snippet for making the All Activity feed friend-only, but have had to disable it because I discovered that private group activity disappeared.

    After disabling all plugins, I found that another plugin and this function snippet were both at fault for this behaviour. It is important to me that members of private groups still see activity from those groups in the main activity feed, but if I make the feed friend-only, private group activity disappears even after disabling the other offending plugin.

    The 2019 code snippet is here: https://buddydev.com/make-your-buddypress-sitewide-activity-stream-friends-only/

    How would I modify the function to allow private group activity to show in the feed?

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    Brajesh Singh on #50521

    Hi Marilynn ,
    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    The scope of the code is limited to sitewide activity directory. I believe BuddyPress/BuddyBoss does not show private activities if user id is specified. That could be the reason.


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