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    Piotr on #2837


    I’m trying to find some way to display amount of comments in specific gallery. I have tried functions like ‘mpp_activity_get_comments()’, ‘bp_activity_get_comment_count’ and ‘bp_activity_comment_count()’. None of them works.

    I will appreciate any help! 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #2846

    Hi Piotr,
    The comments are handled by activity and currently counting comments for gallery is not very efficient(and that’s why comment counts are not included).

    If you still need it, I will post the code but please do know that it is not efficient and not very scalable solution. It will be nice to keep a count in one of the metas in future and sync them.

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    Piotr on #2847

    Thanks for your reply!

    I have tried use bp_activity_get_comment_count function which i think is responsible for a activity counting. But, like i said, that functions doesn’t work. Please post the code. I will try to modify it in my custom theme. Maybe with some luck i will make it 🙂


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