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    calu on #20284

    Hi there, this is not a support question, more a comment to BP Messages and the way messages to and from the same user are in separate threads.

    Every time a new private message is send, a new thread with subject is created. It makes no sense having numerous messages from the same person in the message list, which makes the general impression very messy. It certainly has not become better in Nouveau.

    Look at Facebook, that with the new Messenger design, now calls messages for Chats.

    Sending a message in BuddyPress is more like sending an old fashioned email, than a message.

    I am really looking forward to a usable plugin solution to solve this huge problem in BP.


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    Brajesh Singh on #20292

    Hi Carsten,
    Thank you for sharing.

    Improving Messages experience is definitely on our list of things. I am not sure how soon we can add something like this, but it is one of our priority list(need to finish 2-3 major upcoming projects before it).


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