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    Lars Erik Kristensen on #19760


    I’ve got a small question about Mediapress and wordpress and Buddypress.

    Let me explain – I’m webmaster for a website http://www.chakoten.dk where people until now only have been able to contact the leaders of the society by email – there hasn’t been any possibility for the members to communicate directly with eachother.

    But now i’m implementeing at solution consisting of BBPress+Buddypress+Youzer (Youzer is a graphical add on) but it collides with the gallery-plugin (Nextgen Gallery plugin) we have used on the website.

    So I contacted the guys behind the Youzer plugin and the recomended me to use Mediapress instead.

    There for I’ve been reading up on your plugin and Yes it looks just like what i need

    But I just have to check one thing with you first before i implement Mediapress and that is as follows

    Can Mediapress be used to show a “normal” gallery on the website

    and simultanously

    also be used in the buddypress/bbpress/youzer constellation.

    And just to clarify i’m not talking about using the same gallery in both solution

    I’m looking on the website as a dual entity (a normal website – and – a socialplatform )
    where the two are separated form each other – meaning that a gallery shown on the website isn’t
    automatic shown on the socialplatform and vice versa



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    Brajesh Singh on #19762

    Hi Lars,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    MediaPress does provide 3 type of galleries. Sitewide, User’s and Groups. You can opt for all or some of them.

    Please do note that our sitewide gallery view is currently a normal grid and does not have any fancy styles that you will find with most of the WordPress gallery. The plugin(atleast till now) has been mostly intended for front end upload/management of media.

    If you are looking for a basic sitewide gallery/album option, It will be fine. If you are looking for filtering, sorting, slides etc, It may not be enough in the current shape.

    You can use MediaPress with any other WordPress gallery solution(if that works).


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