Generel WP question, users are directed to WP login after one failed attempt

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    calu on #26096

    Hi Brajesh, I have a BP login widget on my front page. If a user fail to log in first time, he is directed to the WP login. I wan’t him to stay on my front page, not linked to a blank WP login form.

    I know this might be of topic in a BP forum, as this apparently is a general WordPress behavior.

    But I wonder why users are not allowed to stay on the front page, why confuse users with two login forms on two different pages?


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    Brajesh Singh on #26106

    The widget does not handle the login. It simply shows you a form. The data is submitted to wp-login.php.

    If it is a success, you get redirected and do not see wp-login.php. if it fails, you see wp-login.php as it was handling the action.


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