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    Friedrich-Carl Sass on #25517

    Just bought a plugin from you and now look forward using it.
    However, paypal one more time forced me to open up another account with them. Otherwise they would not transfer my money to you. I hate that attitude.I do not want those forced accounts with paypal.
    If I had more time, I would not have bought, certainly not via paypal, and I would not ended up being upset.
    Offer your clients a nice “payment experience” – get beyond paypal!
    Regards F. Sass

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    Brajesh Singh on #25518

    Hi F. Sass,

    Thank you for purchasing the plugin from us.

    I am sorry for your bad experience with PayPal.

    We are based in India and other than PayPal we have very limited choice for international payment currently. We are hoping that stripe becomes available soon here. That will help provide more choices. For time time being we are stuck with PayPal.

    I sincerely appreciate you enduring the experience. I am looking forward to better future options.

    Thank you

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