Global setting for "default profile visibility" not working

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    Darren George on #9071


    When i log into the wordpress administrator and navigate to “settings -> bp profile visibility settings” and then click on the “default settings” tab, i have the option of setting “default profile visibility” to “friends only”. When i do that and hit save everything seems to be ok but when i try and view a profile on the frontend of the website whilst logged out, i can still see it. So the changed setting does not seem to work.

    When a user makes the setting change in his/her own account, it does work however…


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    Brajesh Singh on #9072

    Hi Darren,
    Thank you for purchasing the plugin and supporting us.

    1. The Default Settings( Search visibility, directory visibility) are only applied to new users or the existing users who update their profile. All other settings apply globally.

    I am sorry if it caused confusion. The settings need to be per user for the visibility in the members directory, search.

    What is the current size of your community? I may be able to provide a migration to apply the changes to all members if it is absolute necessary and the size is huge.

    Thank you

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