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    Venutius on #1156

    I notice that posting an image into the group activity feed means that image is automatically posted to the groups wall photo’s gallery that is created automatically.

    Yes when I post onto the site level activity feed I have the option of choosing the gallery that it is to go in.

    I would like the same functionality as this at group level.

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    Brajesh Singh on #1158

    There is a problem with the sitewide activity uploads. All the uploads from sitewide activity goes to members gallery/wall even if it is associated to groups.

    The problem is while doing upload from sitewide activity, It is not known if the user will post to group or his/her profile in advance.

    Allow users to choose might be a good idea here( what do you suggest about the UI). A drop down like Group wall or Your Wall.

    Another solution is to not upload the media automatically and let users click on upload(like imgur or I believe RT Media does that).

    My goal was to mimic Facebook behavior on upload, the good thing is facebook does not allow posting to groups/pages from main activity( and BuddyPress does that and makes things complex).

    I have even thought giving an option to disable uploads on the sitewide activity page completely to avoid this confusion.

    What are your views and suggestions?

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    Venutius on #1164

    In my spcific example, we would want to use activity uploads as a quick way to post images to the main galleries of the groups that the individual is a member of, the idea is that these images are important for future reference and need to referenced in main galleries where they are in their proper context.

    For this I would expect that the image should have an option to upload to the gallery, and the first comment should go into the description for that image.

    So for me, the UI should be:

    1, click on photo upload

    2. select gallery that the image is to be uploaded to

    3. upload image and then ask for associated comment/descrption

    This could be problematic when it comes to multiple uploads but for me you could remove that feature since the majority of usage cases single uploads are the focus.

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    Brajesh Singh on #1178

    Hi George,
    I will keep this under consideration for the sitewide activity page but no guarantees for now. I understand that it might be useful for some of the sites but the extra steps involved makes it an unattractive option in general.

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