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    NikB on #45589

    Hi there

    I have certain group settings which I do not want Group Admins to be able to change at all eg. only Group Admins should be able to post into the (group) activity feed. As I see it, there are 3 steps required to achieve this as follows –

    1. Set this as the default when creating a new group.
    2. Hide/remove this setting when the group admin is creating a new group.
    3. Hide/remove this setting when the group admin is in the group and editing “Group Settings”.

    It looks as if I can achieve 2 & 3 simply by editing the template buddypress/groups/single/admin/group-settings.php and removing the relevant fieldset/option group but

    a) I’m concerned this may not be the best way and
    b) I’m struggling to figure out how to change the default to “admins” so it gets saved that way when the group is first created

    I guess ONE way of achieving this would be leave the fieldset in the template, set the option I want as “checked” and then hide the fieldset with CSS but that *definitely* doesn’t feel like the right way 😉

    If you have any better suggetions, I would be very grateful.

    With many thanks in advance

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