Group tab creator problem

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    Frogbutt on #49328

    I have a custom group tab i created and i added a gravity view on it [gravityview id=”26538″] the tab shows up fine and i see the view fine but if i click any of the links on the view it breaks. For example my custom tab has the url


    and when I click on any link on my gravityview it should open the single entry page and it tries to but doesnt work it opens for example http://www.myurl.com/entry/858/ it seems to have issues opening up in the tab as it loses the slugs.

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    Brajesh Singh on #49329

    Thank you for the question.
    We do not control the links generated by shortcode.
    In your case, The links are generated by gravity view and they control it.

    Please contact their support and ask if the shortcode will work outside of the normal post/page screens.


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