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    Deanna Murry on #36277

    I am trying to find a way to post a form on to a tab(via shortcode) in the group tab creator pro, the form will show on many groups. However, I want a way to know which group it came from. I want to display the submissions from only that group below the form. I was using ninja forms and had the viewer set up. I like the way it looks but for some reason when I use the merge tag on the form it does not pull the url it came from. It does work on other pages to pull the url just not on the groups.

    Any idea on how to make it work from the groups, or alternative options? I am using buddyboss.

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    Brajesh Singh on #36296

    Hi Deanna,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    The plugin does not have any idea of what kind of content you are rendering(form or static data).

    It is the rendered content which needs to be aware of the group. In other words, you will need assistance from Ninja form on how to get their plugin working on a non post page(The group or profile pages are not post type pages).

    Please contact their support and let me know if the provide some solution/suggestion.

    Thank you

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