Have the Blog/Posts page, and single posts use the themes styling?

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    Ian on #10418

    Hi there, I am new and learning the ins and outs of the plugin.

    I have a 2 part question.

    1. This is my themes blog page layout: https://thesisinmotion.com/blog/ . But this what I see when I access a user profile. Is there a way to have https://thesisinmotion.com/members/icd-1976/buddyblog/ look more like the themes posts page? Or if not a grid, at least some way to show excerpts rather than full posts and use more of the themes styling?

    2. If that isn’t something I can do, it there at least a way to make the individual Posts look more like they would using my themes styling? Eg when someone clicks on a post under my “recent posts” they see this: https://thesisinmotion.com/members/icd-1976/buddyblog/my-posts/260/ and frankly it just doesn’t look very good. The theme has a great single post template.

    It would so nice if the plugin could simply show posts using the themes standard post layout, and meta configuration ect. rather than over-riding with the layout above.

    I love the functionality of the plugin, it would be nice is there was at least some control over these templates and what the display though. Ideally, I’d show none of the user info/profile image etc. on a single post page (or have these very small). Just a post with the standard styling and meta info that the theme would use.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Ian on #10420

    Ok, I switched “Show single posts on user profile?” to no, and it seems to sort of mimic the behaviour I wanted in question 2 now, and address a few other questions I had. So I may be ok with this as a non-logged in user can browse the blog without seeing the user profile, or the templates it uses for posts and archives.

    I am not really sure if this addressed the issue, or me setting up a buddyblog folder with templates in my theme (instructions I saw in another post). But suddenly things are working well.

    if it was the “show single posts…” option that did it, that function isn’t super well explained in the admin. I wouldn’t have guessed what setting it to no would have done.


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    Brajesh Singh on #10421

    Hi Ian,
    Thank you.
    It is also possible to use your theme layout on the user pages too. It will need overriding the default template for BuddyBlog.

    Moving buddyblog will not do much. The folder is there to allow you change the layout for individual pages.

    We add a different post style since each theme have their own styles of adding posts and we don’t know in advance about their layout.

    I am glad the current settings are working for you. In case you plan to change it, we will assist/guide you in modifying the templates.


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    Ian on #10429

    Thanks a lot for the great support.

    I would be curious to know the details as far as over riding the layout for the user pages. Is this a general fix, or something theme specific? (EG code that can be added to functions.php)? It would match things up well.

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