[Resolved] Help with BP Profile Visibility plugin

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    Dale Reardon on #20297

    I have installed the BP profile visibility plugin and from reading the settings instructions it seems that when you change the defaults that only applies to new users.
    I want to change the current setting for all users in my community from profile visibility: everyone to profile visibility: logged in users only

    Is there any way to do this retrospectively for all current users?

    Is there perhaps a DB command to run that could set this setting and I can have our tech support people, WP Buffs run it for me.


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    Brajesh Singh on #20300

    Hi Dale,

    1. To change the visibility of the profile, Please ask your support team to add a user meta key ‘bp_profile_visibility’ for each user and set its value to ‘loggedin’.

    2. To hide from member directory, add a meta key for each use ‘bp_exclude_in_dir’ and set its value as ‘yes’

    3. To hide from search, add a meta key ‘bp_exclude_in_dir’ and set the value to ‘yes’.

    Meta key and values re case sensitive.


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    Judi Weingarden on #41961

    Hi Brajesh,
    May I confirm that you are saying that to change the visibility of the existing profiles (those created prior to installing this plugin) the support team would need to

    manually for each user already registered –

    add a user meta key ‘bp_profile_visibility’ for each user and set its value to ‘loggedin’

    am I understanding that correctly?

    Also, I am adding bbPress and Buddy Press to my existing WordPress/WooCommerce site, where my customers are already registered. They do not have site admin/back end access and do not see visibility settings. How can I add those settings to their current registration?
    Thanks, Judi

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    Brajesh Singh on #41962

    Hi Judi,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    1. You only need to do it if you want the profile to be hidden in the members list. If that is not your goal, the default settings will apply(which you can set in the plugin).

    2. I can supply code to enforce default settings if the member list visibility is needed.

    3. I am sorry but I am not sure of your question about bbPress/wooCommerce. Please open a new topic on this forum(this was already marked resolved) and I will be assisting you there.

    If you are using BuddyPress they will have a front end profile and the settings are accessible from their BuddyPress profile->settings screen.


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