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    Ruben on #34712

    Hello, I have problems with the conditional logic with the multi-selector fields when viewing them on mobile, it does not show me the fields that it has inside as it should, it shows them with a number of items, is there any way to show them to me with the fields that are selected? Greetings.

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    Brajesh Singh on #34718

    Hi Ruben,
    Thank you for reporting.

    Can you please disable the conditional plugin and see if that fixes your issue? I do not see nay reason for conditional field to affect any user interface.


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    Ruben on #34721

    Hello, if I deactivate them, I cannot see multi-selector since it is the plugin that makes me have multi-selector, the problem is that if I enter from the mobile, in the multi-selector fields if you have 8 options for example and you have selected 3 of them, you do not see any , it only shows you a text that tells you 3 items but you don’t know what 3 items are.

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