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    Fmd530 on #36319

    Hey guys,

    Is there a way, a css or code snippet that makes impossible for a Member Type to see the same Member Type? Let me give an example so it is clear.

    Currently my dating site works in the search directory where Women can only see Men, and Men can only see Women, thats great, its working great. But, if the Woman has the URL/slug of other Woman, she is able to access and see it. I need to make this NOT possible. Women should not be able to see another Woman member-type profile. Men should not able to access other Men member type profiles.

    If this happens, if a Woman tries to access another Woman profile I want a 404 not found or to go back to the homepage or something that prevents it. I just need the member type to be able to see the opposite member type and not each other.

    Sorry English is not my main lenguage, I tried to explain it as best as possible but I can try harder.

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    Ravi on #36333


    Thank you for posting. Please refer the followng post:


    It covers exactly your requirement. Please do let me know if it works or not


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