Hiding Roles and/or Last Active

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    Alex B on #39788


    I’m evaluating Buddypress/wOffice (latest versions) for use as part of an intranet and I have a question that I’ve not been able to find an answer to.

    Q. When displaying members (ie: members page) – is there a way to hide the Role and Activity columns, making them only visible to Administrators or Editors, but not visible to Subscribers? Or even hiding it completely (but still visible when viewing a profile)? I’m sure there’s a plugin or a snippet out there; I just can’t seem to find it.



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    Ravi on #39805

    Hello Alex,

    BuddyPress by default shows Member’s name and last active time and not the Role. Since you are using a paid theme you should ask for assistance from the theme author as he is in a better position to help you with this.


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    Alex B on #40025

    Hello Ravi – thank you. I’ve reached out to the Office team.



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