How can I add a message after upload completes?

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    Audiomonk on #12939

    Now I have the upload working again, is it possible to display a message after an upload completes. Users can see the image after it’s uploaded, but it’s not clear to some that the process has finished. Or, another suggestion to redirect to the gallery that it was uploaded to so they can see it there?

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    Brajesh Singh on #12948

    Hi Audiomonk,

    yes, It is possible to attach js function with the upload complete action but I don’t think that is any good adea.

    We do have a progress indicator(loader) and that should be enough.

    At the moment, the js event handling is a bit complex in the plugin, so I will like to avoid providing a solution here(Since it won’t work in our future updates).

    Please do post back here for a hook after our next update.


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    Audiomonk on #12957

    That’s a shame, was only after a small message. On mine I don’t get a progress indicator, just the animated gif to show something is happening.

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