How can I create featured member like the first 2 screenshots

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    Monsur on #10600


    I cannot find on this forum like my question.
    So, could you pls suggest me How can I create featured members like the first 2 screenshots on plugin page?


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    Ravi on #10605

    Hello Monsur,

    Thank you for posting. As Per plugins page screenshot

    1. Screenshot is referring buddypress generated members directory page which have auto generated ‘Featured Members’ tab when you activate the plugin.
    2. Screenshot is just a wordpress page where ‘featured members’ are listing using shortcode ‘[bp-featured-members]’.

    Hope it will help. If you have further query please let me know.

    Thank You

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    Monsur on #10618

    Hi Ravi, Thanks for the reply.

    On my site, I have not seen a featured members tab. There are friends, All members Tab there.
    And that shortcode is showing only list od members with avatar but no card for members as the screenshot you provided. If css needed, could you please refer me for that?


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    Brajesh Singh on #10632

    Hi Monsur,
    Are you referring to the cards on the plugin page? It is coming for the theme. We used our Community Builder theme while preparing the demo. The setting used was “Theme Default”.

    Depending on your theme, It may vary(It will look as is provided by the current active theme).

    You can see an example here

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