How can I get buddypress notification in another page


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    Kikismedia on #31668

    Im trying to get buddypress notification in another page , where by when they click the page it’s will only display the notification list alone

    How can I achieve this

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    Ravi on #31669

    Hello Adeala,

    Thank you for posting. Please check the following with name ‘BuddyPress Notifications Widget’


    it offers shortcode you can use to list notifications anywhere.

    supported args are as following

    // Possible value 0,1

    1. link_title // Link title with user notification page
    2. show_count
    3. show_count_in_title // Show total notification count with title
    4. show_list // show notification list
    5. show_clear_notification // Show clear notification button
    6. show_empty // Show title even if no notification

    for example: [buddydev_bp_notification show_count=1]


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    Kikismedia on #31674

    I don’t want to use plugins it might slow the site is there any custom code I add directly

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    Brajesh Singh on #31675

    In that case, you should look at the code to implement on your own. We will not spend time replicating our own effort.

    Also, as far as our plugins are concerned, they do not slow down the sites. This has been our priority. Please feel free to load test.


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