How Do I Install The Plugin MPP-Global-Shared-Gallery-Master in MediaPress?

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    Frank on #6079


    I am the assistant administrator for http://www.windsorheightsvoices.net. This is a very small website for the citizens of our community to gather and discuss topics of local interest. You should also be aware that I am exceedingly new to both Linux and WordPress, so I will probably need to have even the simplest things spelled out for me. The site is built on WordPress and I chose MediaPress to handle the uploading of files of all kinds by the members themselves to galleries common to all site members (we do not anticipate ever having a very large member base). There are two things I would like help with. First: Where should the shortcode be placed that will allow logged in members to upload files to the galleries? I understand that I need to create a page on which to enter the shortcode, but it seems to me that the page would be very naked indeed if all it contained is a button to start the upload process. I was reading in the forums here about a fellow who sounded as though he had a similar situation and you all recommended he install the MPP-Global-Shared-Gallery-Master plugin to help him solve his problem. I have downloaded the file from GitHub and I imagine that I can unzip it and even upload it to the server via FTP (I’m working on the server remotely), but what directory shall I upload the file(s) to and once that has been accomplished, how do I proceed to install the plugin in MediaPress?

    I thank you in advance for your assistance with my issues.

    Best regards,

    Frank Waterman

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    Venutius on #6080

    Hi Frank,

    I’ve written a page on setting up Mediapress that covers setting up the shared gallery aspect. You might like to give it a read.


    If there’s anything missing from it please let me know and I’ll add it.

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