how do I pre-date (set earlier in time than the current) an entry in buddypress?

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    Peter Fae on #14089

    Hey. I’m purposing buddypress to use as an ongoing narrative. Is there a way to write an update and have it appear *earlier* in the postdate log?

    Example – I am writing bits of a Story in the buddypress. I write an entry on, say, 2018-3-10. Now it’s 2018-3-24. I suddenly want to add an entry so that it shows up *chronologically* on the feed for 2018-3-14, further back in time than my current update.

    This would be analogous to changing the publish date of a post in the dashboard of WP.

    Also, how do I set the buddypress so that the date comes up at the top of the update?

    All of this serves to create the narrative feel.

    Example of what I’m doing (using the awesome Activity feed shortcode) –> https://intothemythica.com/tales-peter-fae/

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    Brajesh Singh on #14090

    Hi Peter,
    What you need is save the date with the update. It is feasible but at the moment, there is no available UI that allows it.

    The way I see it is you will add a date/time picker on the activity update screen and then save the date with the activity instead of the current date/time.

    You will need to implement it as a custom solution as there is no such UI available.

    Best Regards

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