How to add loading spinner effect to Branded Login plugin

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    Tosin on #32536


    Please how can I add a loading icon or message that will give users immediate feedback about the login process when they click the login button, at times when the mobile network speed is slow and a user clicks login, the user is not really sure if they clicked the login button so they keep clicking the login button repeatedly. There should be some sort of feedback the user is being logged in while waiting due to slow network speeds.


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    Brajesh Singh on #32554

    Hi Tosin,
    I will suggests asking your theme developer for assisting you with it. It is no direction solution(simple one) and may need template override.

    To be honest, I do not think it is needed. The login action is idempotent. Even if a user clicks multiple times, It will have no side effect. So, this can be safely ignored.


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