How to associated user role and group type

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    CDS on #22032

    Hello !
    I have plugin to create User role and an other to create Group type.
    I’ve 2 group types. The first one contents all public groups (groups with professional members) and the second one each personal group created by customer members.
    I’ve 3 User Roles : “freelance” and “depositary” are automatically associated with a group (with the first group type = group 1) and “customer”.

    So, “customer” could see all groups with type “group 1” and only them.
    When “customer” create his group, (I’m looking for how to associate groups created with this user role at the group type 2 he can forget to get it as masked) “freelance” and “depositary” should not see groups of customer until customer invites he to join his group.
    Is it understandable ? sorry I’m french 😉

    thanks a lot !

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    Brajesh Singh on #22051

    Hi CDS,
    Thank you for the question.

    Q:- Do you want to mark the group created by a customer as hidden out of the box and set its group type as group type 2?

    If yes, Please post me the names(not labels) for customer role and 2nd group type and I will assist.


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