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    MLC Admin on #27269

    Hello. And, apologies in advance if this is a dumb question or I’m using the wrong terminology. We are using BuddyPress with an import tool called Uncanny we need for our learning center to create new users. The import tool pulls data from a spreadsheet to create a new user. It doesn’t know how to assign a role to the Forums because I don’t know the right metakey? or usermeta? term to add to the spreadsheet to assign all imported users to subscriber. Anyone know what I could/should try for that? It knows to create them as a WP subscriber, but I’m not sure what to try for Forums specifically. It leaves that blank right now with no role.

    For example:
    first_name last_name user_pass wp_role
    Suzy Jones mypassword subscriber

    Thank you!

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    Brajesh Singh on #27271

    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    bbPress roles are normal WordPress roles which are added to the user.

    Does the import tool allows multiple roles? if yes, you can use the following bbPress roles in combination of WordPress roles.


    Hope that helps.


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