How to Change Data Placeholder when User Creates Post

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    SAUMYA CHOUDHURY on #16132

    I am using the Buddyboss Social Blogger theme with Buddypress plugin to create a website where users share poems. I want to find out how can I change the default data-placeholder on Create Post page from
    ‘Title’ to ‘Title of Your Poem’
    and from
    ‘Tell Your Story’ to ‘Write Your Poem’.

    I know this is pretty basic; I am new to Buddypress and really need your help!

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    Brajesh Singh on #16133

    Hi Saumya,
    You can achieve the above by localization.

    If you are familiar with BuddyPress Poedit, you can use it tot translate otherwise, you may use Loco translate or any other plugin that allows it.

    The string is most probably coming from the theme or (it may come from their blogging plugin if you are using it).

    Try translating, It will work.


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