How to change username and nickname?

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    Alex on #46724

    Hello. I use buddyboss/buddypress. When registering on the site, we specify a nickname, which automatically becomes a username for wordpress. And we get a link, example – https://mysite.com/members/test

    Then the user can change his nickname to, for example, alex. The profile shows a new nickname @alex next to the avatar. But the link stays the same – https://mysite.com/members/test, and should be like this – https://mysite.com/members/alex

    If i go through the admin panel to the list of users, then it says that the username cannot be changed, wordpress itself blocks the change of the username.

    The question is, is there any way to fix this? Since it looks very strange if the user changes his nickname after some time, and the link to his profile remains with the old one.

    You can check on your projects, if you change your nickname to a new one, then the link will remain with the old username, since WordPress prohibits changing the username after registration.

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    Brajesh Singh on #46725

    Hi Alex,
    You are probably using BuddyBoss. BuddyPress does not have any way to change nickname.

    I will suggest contacting BuddyBoss support for the same.


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