How to configure MediaPress in User Profile Tabs Creator Pro

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    calu on #21738

    Hi there I’m trying to add MediaPress to User Profile Tabs Creator Pro, but I can’t figure out how. I’m not able to create even if I use the create slug.

    So I need a piece of advise, how to configure MediaPress in User Profile Tabs Creator Pro.

    Btw how do you use MediaPress without User Profile Tabs Creator Pro, I mean no pages are created, are you supposed to use short code? Is short code the solution for adding tabs in User Profile Tabs Creator Pro?


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    Brajesh Singh on #21775

    Hi Carsten,

    Thank you for using MediaPress and User profile Tabs Pro.

    1. MediaPress does not need User profile Tabs creator Pro.
    2. You may use User profile Tabs Creator Pro to modify the existing MediaPress tabs.

    Now that we are clear, Please activate MediaPress. Visit Dashboard->MediaPress->Settings.

    Under general tab, Please activate User Gallery. Once you do that, you will see the tabs on user profile.

    Please explore the options and you will be able to setup it easily. MediaPress does not need you to create page or use showtcode for user galleries. For sitewide galleries, It needs the Create gallery page.

    If you find any issue, Please let me know.


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