How to create more photo galleries?

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    Benoit on #14880

    I’m willing to create two more tabs (to ultimately obtain Photo, Geocoin, Travel Bug, because in fact, I need two more categories to differentiate the kind of photos people will be able to upload).
    At first, I tried to rename the tabs Video and Music, and tried to modify the files extensions into “jpeg,jpg,gif,png” in the plugin Mediapress, tab General, and paragraph Media press settings. I saw the tags Geocoin and Travel Bug appear in the menu used to filter or sort, but apparently, doing this isn’t enough.
    After perusing the Internet for help,

    I found out I had to modify or create the following file (or code?): “mpp_register_type ($ args)” and/or “mpp_setup_core”
    Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge in coding and I don’t know if it is a file in itself, or if it is a part of a file (and in this case, which one?) I have to modify, if it is not too complicated for me to do of course…

    I thank you very much in advance for any help you could provide me with.

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    Brajesh Singh on #14891

    Hi Benoit,
    Welcome to BuddyDev and thank you for using MediaPress.

    It seems to me that you want to create certain number of predefined photo galleries for your users when they register their account.

    1. is that correct?
    2. Do you want users to be able to create more galleries or just the predefined categories should be enough?


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    Benoit on #14908

    Thank you for your answer!

    To be clear, I don’t want the categories “Video”, “Audio” and “Document.
    I need to replace them by three other categories of Photos, to obtain Photo A, Photo B and Photo C.​

    ​Answers to your questions:
    1/ Non, the users will be free to create as many galleries as they want.
    2/ Yes, once my categories are created, they will suffice.

    After several tries based on the documentation I found here https://buddydev.com/mediapress/topics/api-reference/core/media-type/mpp_register_type/, I was able to create the category “Presentation” using the code “​function mpp_custom_register_presentation_type” given in the documentation.
    That’s exactly the result I want to get, but instead of a “Presentation” category, I want a “Photo” category where jpep,png,jpg files will be uploaded.

    In this same documentation, there is another code : ” function mpp_custom_register_presentation_type_support”, and I don’t understand what is the use of this code.

    Thanks for your help!

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