How to make dynamic form/list extend to user profile?


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    Yoza Wiratama on #9570

    Hello, i seek dynamic form not custom field.
    As we know buddypress has integrated with xprofile for custom user profile as extention.
    but xprofile only have custom field, i know we also need custom list or form.
    let tell the example :

    Job Experience :
    Title : Programmer
    Company : Xbudyy Pro
    Start : 2015/05/01
    End : 2015/12/31
    Title : Consultant
    Company : British Consultant X
    Start : 2016/02/01
    End : Current

    Level Of Study History
    Level : Elementary School
    Name : Shining Star
    Start : 1995/05/01
    End : 2001/05/01
    Level : Junior Hi School
    Name : Seven Elemen
    Start : 2001/05/01
    End : 2004/05/01

    and it will integrated or as extended of user profile

    i google it almost 1 month but i cant find it, i new in wordpress,

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    Brajesh Singh on #9585

    Hi Yoza,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.
    I will suggest looking at this plugin


    You can create the title as a selectbox or radio and then conditionally allow other fields.

    Hope that helps.


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