How to override default email error text message?

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    savant on #43156

    I try to override the standard email validation message: ‘Please enter a valid email address.’ with a message like: Email is een verplicht veld.

    SO I try it like this:

    add_action('bp_core_validate_email_address', function (WP_Error $errors, $validation_results) {
        $bp = buddypress();   
        if (isset(( $validation_results['signup_email']))) {
            $errors->add['signup_email'] = sprintf(
                '<div class="bp-messages bp-feedback error">
                'Email is een verplicht veld.'
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    Ravi on #43169

    Hello Savant,

    Thank you for posting. It seems you need to show this message in your language. You can do this via translating this string using any translator plugin like loco translate. It will help you to fix this.

    Please give it a try.


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