[Resolved] How to prevent blog post even though non- group user know exact blog address

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    Sungbeom LIm on #1860


    I made group-blog using your good plugins.
    I want to use this for my user’s private diary using in private group.
    But there is issue.
    When I make private group and publish a blog post.
    I can see the post, even though I log out, if I know my post address exactly.
    Is is normal or how should I keep to prevent people to see the post if they are not group members.

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    Sungbeom LIm on #1861

    plugin is blog categories for group.

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    Brajesh Singh on #1867

    Hi Sunbeom,

    Welcome to BuddyDev forum.

    I just had a look and for me the Group privacy works for the post( private/hidden ). When I am not a member of the group and I try to access the post by typing url, I am getting redirected to the home page. When I am not logged in, I get redirected to the login page. So that seems fine.

    There is an issue with privacy though. The posts are available in search and are part of the main site blog posts. So, they will be visible in the post leas( depending on your theme either the excerpt or the full content).

    I don’t see a simple solution at the moment as it uses posts and not custom post type.

    I have worked on an updated that is aimed at providing support for custom post type. That can allow us to make the things completely hidden from the site.

    It will take me at least a week to finish and put that code for use, Is it feasible for you to delay this functionality till ten?

    Thank you

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    Sungbeom LIm on #1883

    Hello~ Brajesh Singh

    Thank you for your reply.

    I really wait for your masterpiece~

    That function is what I exact function.

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