How to prevent moderators duplicating work

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    Debbie Lominick on #42506

    We will have several moderators online at the same time. In looking at how the Modersation Queue works, it doesn’t automatically refresh after a user has updated a queued post. Also, if another moderator selects that post that was recently worked, they aren’t aware that any action was taken and therefore could overwrite the previous moderator’s decision. This will also lead to duplicate work.

    What is the best practice suggested by BuddyDev for using the moderation queue by multiple moderators? We don’t want to do it by type since most of the moderations will be topics type.

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    Brajesh Singh on #42511

    Hi Debbie,
    Thank you for point the issues.

    In case of a highly busy site, our suggestion is to assign moderators for specific content type. For example, 1 person can be moderating the activity while other doing it for bbPress.

    When you take an action over the content, we redirect back to queue page, so that should show the updated queue.


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