how to set the Activity feed to ascending?

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    Peter Fae on #14056

    btw – thank you again. I realize it’s minor code stuff for You (as I perceive it), yet massively important for me.

    Basically, I’m wanting to have a specific feed for Author’s updates that *could* be in a certain category or specific function, which showcases their journeys. If I understand buddypress correctly, it must time date all the entries. So there must be a way to showcase entries in a particular category or group and also in a particular order. What we’re doing here is setting the template for that, so I can work deeper into it with my Authors as we go for a deeper BP customization as time goes on.

    This is SUPER-helpful.

    If you would be so gracious, how do You feel I could solve the challenge of having some kind of feed which shows only activity updates from a user, which relate to their Story, and showcases their normal non-bp or non-specific updates on the regular activity feed?

    Does that make sense? I am wanting to have a Story-feed, essentially, of updates. What we’re going for is a way to showcase a particular feed on the Author’s main profile site. As a Buddydev yogi 🙂 , do you feel this would be best done with a general ‘ascending’ feed (in which I’d have to delete old posts from 2 years ago, etc.), or a specific category of posts that could be linked to the profile feed (remember we want individual Authors to have their own feed/category), and to put the non-update posts on the main activity feed.


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    Peter Fae on #14058

    relative to this, is there a way to delete the buddypress database from before 2018 ?

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    Brajesh Singh on #14084

    Hi Peter,
    Here is the updated code to show the updates by default on user profiles.

     * List activities in ascending order.
     * @param array $args activity args.
     * @return array
    function buddydev_list_activities_ascending( $args ) {
    	if ( bp_is_user_activity() ) {
    		$args['sort'] = 'ASC';
    		if ( empty( $args['action'] ) ) {
    			$args['action'] = 'activity_update';
    	return $args;
    add_filter( 'bp_after_has_activities_parse_args', 'buddydev_list_activities_ascending' );

    Best regards

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