How to use allow_posting(int) on Activity Shortcode

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    John on #15519

    Hello. I’m trying to add the allow posting to the activity shortcode. I’m reading the the guide found here: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-activity-shortcode/ It says at the top you can specify options by using this:
    [activity-stream option_name=option_val option_name2=option_val2 and so on]

    so for the allow_posting(int) option how would that look:

    [activity-stream allow_posting(int)=yes or
    [activity-stream allow_posting(int)=true or
    [activity-stream allow_posting(true)

    I’m not really a coder and the instructions on the page aren’t really clear about what the options should actually look like and if it uses yes no or true false. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    John on #15520

    Also, when I use this shortcode, it displays the featured photos from the posts that are in the feed… but it displays them FULL SIZE… which makes it all look really weird and causes lots and lots of scrolling to get to the bottom… is there a way to either keep the photos from displaying, or just have them scale down in size?

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    Brajesh Singh on #15527

    Hi John,
    My apologies for the incomplete/confusing documentation. Will try to improve that in future.

    For now, please use allow_posting=1

    For the image size, I am sorry but I won’t be of much help. I am assuming it is the theme that might be causing it.

    The shortcode plugin simply uses a modified activity stream loop but does not modify the actual layout or code for the activity stream. It comes form the theme(or if the theme does not have it, it is taken from the bp-legacy template pack.

    If you are using a premium theme, please ask the theme support. If you are using a free theme, please link me and I will do my best to assist.


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