I need a way to share single images from a gallery to facebook?

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    Audiomonk on #25204

    I checked, and everything is set to public, so it can’t be that. If I enter a URL to a gallery and am not logged in, it redirects me to the homepage (which is why this whole thing with the thumbs isn’t working). I can’t find anywhere in the settings that controls why it would do this.

    Do you know why it is doing this ? The galleries are set to public and none have “logged in” ticks next to them.


    Is an example image that once you enter the URL it’s redirected via canonical to the homepage?

    Sorry to be a pain.

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    Brajesh Singh on #25223

    Hi Audiomonk,

    If that is the case, It is most probably some custom code or a restriction plugin.

    Are you using any restriction plugin or custom code to restrict users profile page?


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    Audiomonk on #25560

    Sorry it’s taken so long, had to work on another site for a long time as urgent. As far as I know I’m not using any restriction plugin (only security software). I’ve a few snippets I’ve added as a result of posting here, but I don’t think any of those would be causing it.

    Update, I disabled snippets and still getting redirected to home page when clicking on galleries when not logged in. Maybe I should be looking at mediapress code directly to see what happens when a gallery is clicked on. The list of galleries appears when not logged in, but clicking redirects to home page.

    Maybe this was a security thing, I don’t know, but am getting a ton of errors for SEO when it finds the gallery links and can’t get to them etc.

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