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    I have theme that only displays @username at the user profile page at cover page area
    I wanted it to have it, display the Users full name followed by the @username
    presently this is how it looks as using an example demo format

    As I wanted to achieve a display result of something like this:
    a result where the full name is displayed above the cover page

    As such I had done several research and could only find a code which lets me hide the @username removing it from the page header.

    2) Secondly, I wanted to ask if there was a function code that could print a word such as Website associate to display beside, users profile photo in the profile page when given a certain role.

    3) Finally wanted to ask if it was possible to have a function where a green light dot is placed at side of a user profile page when the user is logged in, an example is
    as presently its grey there because the user is offline.

    Although am not quite the dev individual I do wish I would find people who know how to go around this features and solve the problem .
    I do appreciate every one who has read this post, and hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you.

    Tips of what I use: Am using the wordpress latest release same as buddypress

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