[Resolved] I want to hide the tab. but how to?

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    brtekim on #36315

    You have the tab setting.

    Is enabled? V Only enabled tabs will be visible.

    I do not checek this option.
    so is it possible to hide the tab?

    Do you have other way?
    Could you tell me?

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    Brajesh Singh on #36321

    Please keep the setting “Is enabled” checked and mark the tab availability as None

    None(Will remove it for everyone. Only applies for existing tabs)

    That option removes the tab.


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    brtekim on #36325


    very good.

    You have the good idea that you made program.
    But You might adjust the explaination of plugin.
    and then, Yours is excelent.


    Can I send the existing menu to another existing sub-menu?

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    brtekim on #36326

    specially , your program interface is goood.

    But slightly has some bugs.

    plz…help me. I will be satisfied to assist me to make the menu.

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    Ravi on #36331


    Please take a look here:


    We have covered all the possible scenerio one can do with plugin.

    Please do let me know if you need further assistance.


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