I want to make sign up process like facebook

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    Brajesh Singh on #4285

    Hi Dhaval,
    Welcome to Buddydev.

    Since I registered on Facebook in 2006-2007, I don’t remember the exact steps. I checked on the FB and see the the first screen is basic form.

    So, My question to you:-

    1. Does that screen come after completion of registration or is it part of registration steps?
    2. is the user logged in when the form is shown?
    3. Do you need help in creating multi step registration or importing etc?

    Thank you

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    Dhaval Patel on #4289

    Hello Brajesh,

    Thank You for reply,

    1. Now in Facebook, after homepage simple register form sign up, you automatic login but
    mobile verification number page comes first & then step of import & other steps are coming.
    2. no, i want to fill up form before login.
    3. I just need multiple step for basic question. not importing now.

    I clear more thing, in buddypress, after sign up register form, activation page is coming. I want to after register page sign up, my 3 step question page are coming then activation page.
    so flow is register page => 3 steps question page => activation page.

    Thank You

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