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    Eric LUCAS on #24704

    Hello, I love your plugins and I bought a few of them.

    Do you think that you can improve the plugin which associates BP groups with post categories ?
    Because the problem is that when we want to make a new post from a group, we can only select the few categories that we affected to that group. But we may want to share the post with other categories.
    For exemple for the group of parents of autistic kids living in, say, Italy, I want them to be able to post an announcement in their group, which would be published in their group but also in the group “volunteers” (for example). Therefore, I have to add “volunteers” in the settings of the group “parents from Italy”, in order to see the checkbox “volunteers” in the post. But the problem is that, doing so, then the parents from Italy will see, in their blog, ALL the posts from ALL the groups (all the countries) who published something shared with “volunteers”, which is of course very annoying.
    Here it is just a simple example but it can be worse.

    In order to circumvent this problem, I have created a special group designed for posting anywhere, with ALL the categories. But it is complicated for the regular users. They won’t understand why they have to go in another group, just to post something.

    If i understand well the idea of associating some categories to groups, which is very smart and useful, I understand much less the restriction on the posts.
    Would it be possible to allow people to post in a defined list of categories defined by the group manager, or, if that is too much complicated, at least in all the groups ?…

    If you think that it’s easy to do and that you can provide the solution quickly, I would buy the paying support for this plugin, if that helps.

    Thanks !

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