[Resolved] Is it possible to have MediaPress functionalities in Activity Comments?

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    Milan Latinovic on #25406

    Hi again,

    One quick question. This is not a bug or requirement, simply a feature question.
    Is it possible to somehow use MediaPress features in Activity Comments?
    For example, if someone want’s to comment with uploaded image.
    If this is possible, how could we enable this setting?
    If not, is this planned as some future feature (it is completely ok if it is not, we are just thinking of ways to implement this).

    Kind regards,

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    Brajesh Singh on #25420

    Hi Milan,
    At the moment, It is not available. We have been planning it and It will be available in future. Currently, the way we handle uploads(using dropzone and other things), does not make it work properly.

    I did an experiment a few months ago

    but I will not recommend using that branch currently. We need to change some internals to make it available in future.,


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