Is there a way to ‘reset’ the blog count?


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    Audra Carpenter on #46017

    Had to deactivate plugin for some troubleshooting, but now the previously published articles don’t show.

    See my video here: https://share.getcloudapp.com/4gur6mXG

    What I’d like to do is ‘reset’ or get the articles to show up again.


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    Brajesh Singh on #46023

    Hi Audra,
    Thank you for using our plugin.

    will it help if the plugin lists all the posts imported to your account. If yes, Please visit Dashboard->BuddyBlog->Settings->Post and scroll to the bottom.

    You will find the “Misc Settings” section there.

    Please make sure to set the setting “Should tab post lists show only the posts created by BuddyBlog(front end)?” to No.


    Please let me know if you need to disable the count instead.


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