Issue with BP Deactivate Account Plugin

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    Itdev on #36584


    The BP Deactivate Account Plugin causing issue in my database. The bp_suspend did not create correctly the table on it. My hosting told me to contact directly the plugin developer to correct this issue.

    The comment of the hosting :

    “databasename”_”website”.bp_suspendtable does not exist as per the error message "WordPress database error Table '"databasename"_"website".bp_suspend doesn’t exist for” because it exists as “databasename”_”website”.wp_bp_suspend`

    I’ve verified the prefix for your site is correct. I cannot be sure why it’s trying to access the table without the prefix and would strongly recommend consulting the developer of the plugin on this.
    For the plugin calling the wrong table “databasename”_”website”.bp_suspend` – you’ll need to work with the plugin maker to resolve this weird issue. ”



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    Ravi on #36603

    Hello Itdev,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. BP Deactivate Account plugin does not create any custom table. It seems you are using BuddyBoss Plateform plugin. Please contact BuddyBoss support they can better guide you for this.

    For any assistance, please let me know.


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