Issues with BP Membership pro

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    Eric LUCAS on #24705

    Hello, I bought this plugin and I like it, but when I assign member types in bulk in the “all users” WP dashboard users view, the changes are visible in that users table but it does not reflect in the members profiles (their boxes remain empty)…. (and same problem in the front-end view…) hence it will force people to fill once again their member type (even if I do it by bulk by myself) and even if they already did it once…………

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    Eric LUCAS on #24706

    And also it does not work neither for the bagdes (which was the reason for me to buy the plugin, because I want to put badges for the countries and languages of the users). In other words, trying to bulk assign member types with BP memberships pro does not work (it just shows in the users list of WP), for me…………

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    Eric LUCAS on #24707

    And even after renaming all the slugs of the member types to new ones, the problem remains the same. I thought that maybe there was a confusion because I used the same slugs as before installing the pro version.
    I updated also the “profile fields” with the 4 members types created. But no way, the bulk add never reflects in the profiles.

    And on top of that, even for the users for whom I have put a member type manually in their profile, it shows in the profile but it does not reflect on the badges (I have create a custom badge for “parents”), and also if I click on “parents” (the name of a members type) on a profile page, it leads me to users/type/pe-pa2 (which is the right new slug) but it says that there are no users of this type….. you can see that here : https:// autistance .org /users/magaly-b/profile/

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    Brajesh Singh on #24708

    Hi Eric,
    Thank you for the purchase.

    Please allow me to assist you with it.

    1. Do you have a field with type as “Single Member Type” or “Multi Member type” ? The member type assignment is synced with this type f field only. If you already have it, Please do let me know.

    2. If you rename a member type slug, It creates new member type(internally). So, all the old assignment will be removed. To get back the assignment, Please reuse the old slug.

    3. The member type directory will list members who have member type and have a last active time set(this is required by BuddyPress). To check the list, Please select the filter “Alphabetically” to see all non active users too.

    Badges have no connection with profile filed, if you have assigned badge to a member type and set that badge as active, It should appear on any user having those member type.

    If possible, Please provide me temporary access and I can quickly assist.

    Thank you

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    Eric LUCAS on #24725

    Hello, thanks a lot for that fast answer 🙂

    1. I am using “Multi member type” with checkboxes. For example, the users can select “Autistic” and “Volonteer” because they can be both. Or “Parent” and “Autistic”, for the same reason.

    2. Well, given that things were not working well, I already erased all member types (permanently), then re-created them with the same slugs, and then renamed the slugs by adding a “2”, but the problem is always the same. I can re-erase all the member type again, and even uninstall the plugin and reinstall, because anyway, so far, I used the “roles” in order to know about the members catagories. Which means that I can re-affect very easily all the correct members types from the “Users” WP panel, by select for example the role “Volunteer”, checking all of them, and assign a member type.
    When I first installed BP Members Pro, I saw a little problem with everything “doubled” in the panel, like YesYes and vlntrvlntr etc, and a message asking me to deactivate the free version, which I did which solved that problem.

    3. So far, I did not yet use the members directory function. I just see that the members types boxes are empty in the profiles.

    4. Badges : yes I understand, but it does not show.

    Yes with pleasure, I will send you admin access by private message ; anyway only you can guess what’s going on, and it seems difficult without going inside, thanks a lot 🙂

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    Eric LUCAS on #24726

    P.S. : About the badges issue (only), my mistake : I did not check the box “Member types” in the badges settings, and I was using “Custom badges” instead. Sorry.
    A new user joined and she checked her member type and now her badge (as member type) is showing correctly.
    The only problem is about bulk assign member types. Thanks ! (This plugin is so nice and useful and I’m sure you will fix the issue eaily).

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    Eric LUCAS on #24727

    P.S.2 Now that I solved the badges issue (my mistake), all the badges are showing correctly for the members types in the users lists and profile pages.
    The only problem is that in the user profile settings the checkboxes for members types are empty (for those that I bulk assigned). Hence, given that I have “force profile completion plugin” (another good thing of yours), each time a “bulk assigned user” will login for the first time, he or she will be asked to check the member types boxes, while seeing already an icon for that on their profile…

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